In ancient times, the Baltic tribes – Couronians, Selonians, Semigallians, Latgallians, Samogitians, Aukštaitians, Prussians, Yatwings and Galindians – lived in the territory of modern Latvia and Lithuania.

In 12th-13th centuries, the progress of these tribes was interrupted by the arrival of German crusaders and the formation of Livonia.

We invite you to go on a legendary journey where you will discover the ancient Balts lands and their inhabitants: courageous Couronians, mighty Semigallians and wise Selonians.

The route “Balts’ Road” (Baltų kelias, Baltu ceļš) consists of three segments – Couronian, Semigallian and Selonian. The whole route and each of its segments tells of the places playing a certain role in the life of the local tribes – hillforts, significant battlefields, sacred places and mythological objects. Besides these, archaeological exhibitions of museums and educational programs, craft centres and local craftsmen remind of remarkable people in the history of the region.

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