Military secrets are always and at all times carefully kept and hidden. Such stories, human memories and local legends are important evidence of history, which are often not preserved and go unnoticed.

It is not surprising that even now little is known about what happened in Latvia until 1994, when the Soviet army left the Baltics. A good example of this is the unique Zvaigznīte on the coast of Kurzeme – a radio reception supersystem of three parabolic antennas, with the help of which telephone conversations and probably other information transmission in a huge region can be heard. Only now do we learn that there were more than 1,000 troops in the former Latvian SSR, which were stationed around 600 objects, and the total area of ​​military bases exceeded 10% of the LSSR territory.

We want to encourage everyone to share these important details of people’s daily lives and lives during both World Wars and the Soviet regime. Maybe a story lives in your family, in the memories of your parents or grandparents!

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In a short video, Juris Smaļinskis shared the story of a fundamental military heritage site. It is the remains of a bridge built by the German army during World War II near the Daugava between Jaunjelgava and Ķegums near Velnadobe, in Radze, which until recently had been hidden from the eyes of the people.

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