On April 1, 2011Kurzeme Planning Region concluded a contract with the Society Integration Fund on implementation of the ESF project “Improvement of quality of services of Kurzeme Planning Region”.

Total funding of the project amounts to 19 992.15 Ls.
The project implementation is planned from April 01, 2011 for a period of 10 months, until January 31, 2012.

The major project activities are focused on improvement of quality and efficiency of services of Kurzeme Planning Region by improving accessibility of information and promoting faster availability of information to the target audience.

This project is important also from the territory planning point of view because within the project framework it is planned to improve the public involvement in coordination and implementation of development by creating a regional development planning cooperation network. The cooperation network will involve representatives from Liepāja and Ventspils city councils, municipalities of all districts, businesses, non-governmental organisations and national institutions.

For improving services of development planning it is planned to develop a monitoring system of KPR Action Plan 2010-2013. Territory planning experts, representatives from Riga Planning Region will be involved in development of the system and a Monitoring Expert will be attracted.

The website of the Region www.kurzemesregions.lv will be updated to include a new e-service which will permit municipal officials or territory planning specialists to require terms of reference for developing a territorial plan or its amendments and receive them electronically.

Within the project it is planned to assess the current information system and possible technological solutions for linking them to the regional website, thus improving the speed of work of internal structural units and Development Board of Kurzeme Planning Region.

More information about the project is available from the Project Manager Evita Dreijere,
ph. 67331492,
e-mail: evita.dreijere@kurzemesregions.lv