LLI-447 “Explore Balts”

10 new info stands have just been installed on the Balts Road Couronian loop:

  • Slepkavkalva and Slepkavakmens;
  • Silkalēju Zviedru Stone;
  • Akmeņkalni Devil’s Foot Stone;
  • Grīži Devil’s Stone;
  • Sabile Hillfort;
  • Čiekuru Cupmarked Stone;
  • Durbe Castle Mound and nature path;
  • Cupmarked stones around the Vārtāja Hillfort;
  • Kapsēde Russet Stone – Cupmarked Stone;
  • Sventāja River Valley and Leju Sacred Spring

Object descriptions and locations can be searched through: https://www.kurzemesregions.lv/…/unigreen/dabas-takas/

Go on road and explore Balts!

Project activities are being implemented with the support of the Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Programme 2014-2020.

Information provided by:

Alise Lūse,

Explore Balts Project Manager
Kurzeme Planning Region
Tel.: + 371 26567874, alise.luse@kurzemesregions.lv