On this year’s May 28th the Kurzeme Planning Region met with the representatives of Skrunda municipality to open the newly created pedestrian path in the territory of Skrunda Municipality Agency “Social Service” within the project “I can work”. The newly created path will provide access to social service facilities for people with disabilities as well as other visitors.

In order to promote the development of social and working skills, and to improve the territory, people with disabilities participated in wooden and creative workshops, where flower boxes were made to create an emotional maze. The emotional labyrinth will be a place where visitors can relax and enjoy the visual and fragrant enjoyment of flowers and various herbs.

The project is implemented with the support of the Interreg Latvia – Lithuania Program, in cooperation with four partners – Kurzeme planning region, Skrunda municipality, Kertinga day activity center and Raseiņi day care center.

For additional information:
Ilona Talente
Kurzemes planning region
project “I can work” manager
Telephone: 27016380,
Email: ilona.talente@kurzemesregions.lv

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