Within the framework of the project “I can work” implemented by Kurzeme planning region, we invite entrepreneurs to an informative meeting in order to raise awareness of people with disabilities, their ability to participate in the labor market and be equal members of society. Within the the project, it is planned to visit those entrepreneurs, informing about the employment opportunities of people with disabilities, as well as to involve persons of the target group who will inform the employers about their work experience, education, skills and needs.

The Kurzeme Planning Region organized a meeting with entrepreneurs and people with disabilities to discuss employment opportunities within the framework of the project “A Step Forward: Developing Personal Resources and Skills for Employment” (LLI-468).

This was our sixth meeting with local entrepreneurs and people with disabilities, this time we visited the handicraft store Rokraksts in Stende, Talsi region, where the owner of the store Aija Siliņa welcomed us to discuss and share experiences about the possibilities of selling handicrafts made by people with disabilities. Aija sells products made by local producers and small businesses.

Annija Kļaviņa, a young woman who moves in a wheelchair after a car accident, but despite her physical limitations, is energetic, active, creative and works in various fields.

Annija makes wonderful jewelry and hair ornaments with her own hands, which can be seen and purchased on her Instagram profile @AnnijaKlavinaHandmade.

With her story, Annija inspires action and points out the importance of continuing to inform the public about the abilities, skills and needs of people with disabilities to try and successfully integrate into the labor market, for example, by making their own handicrafts.

Viktorija Kacēviča, the head of the and the chief designer of Mia handmade, shared her experience in making, designing, sewing and selling handicrafts and identified opportunities for cooperation.

Dace Munkevica and Gunita Ozoliņa, representatives of the Dundaga branch of the State Social Care center Kurzeme, shared the handicrafts made by the clients of the branch. The possibilities of making these works more accessible to the public and implemented were discussed.

The activities of the project “I can work” are implemented with the support of Interreg Latvia – Lithuania cross-border cooperation program 2014.-2020.

Find out more about the project on the Kurzeme planning region website: https://www.kurzemesregions.lv/projekti/socialas-joma/i-can-work/

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