The main objective of the project is to increase number of visitors to the Programme area by creating cross-border itinerary cultural route “Balts’ Road”.


24 April 2017 – 23 April 2019


EUR 763 402.38 (including funding of the European Regional Development Fund EUR 648 892.00)


Siauliai Tourism Information Centre,

Kurzeme Planning Region,

Zemgale Planning Region,

National Region’s Development Agency,

Talsi County Municipality,

Jelgava City Council,


The main objective of the project – to increase number of visitors to the Programme area by creating cross-border itinerary “Balts’ Road”. In order to reach this objective, following sub-objectives are set:

  1. To increase the acquaintance and awareness raising about preservation of Balts’ tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage;
  2. To develop new innovative and sustainable touristic product;
  3. To improve quality and to ensure diversification of cultural tourism services, products and accessibility.

The main problems, which are going to be solved during implementation of the project, are common to each project partner:
1) the potential of cultural and natural heritage is not used to the full extent for sustainable economic growth, social, cultural and recreational societal needs;
2) the lack of awareness of local inhabitants and visitors about the sustainable preservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage objects.

Partners will implement activities that make regions more attractive, visible and charming to visit.

The main activities, that will be carried out:

  • New interactive tourism products creation: Innovative Centre of Ancient Balts Cognition in Siauliai, modern exposition “The Evolution of Folk Costumes in Zemgale” in Jelgava and exposition “Curonians route in Talsi region” in Talsi.
  • Feasibility studies preparation.
  • New tourist route “Balts’Road” creation.
  • Trainings for stakeholders “Balts, Road, Service” organising.
  • Participation in Business and Achievement exhibition.
  • Marketing activities implementation: image brochure, promotional tours for mass media representatives, tourism map, participation in tourism fairs, etc.
  • Informative seminars for stakeholders.
  • Annual event the Day of Baltic Unity organizing: 2017 in Siauliai and 2018 in Jelgava.

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Project Manager

Aiva Jakovela

Phone No.: +371 26315137,

Interreg V-A Latvia – Lithuania Programme 2014-2020

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