Industrial heritage as tourism resource has not been on the everyday “agenda” for the tourism developers in Latvia and Estonia. Developing the common network of industrial heritage sites in Latvia and Estonia and combining the sites into the tourism route, would allow increase competitiveness of destinations, diversify tourism offer and attract more visitors. The reason to cooperate and develop the route is based in common history of social economic development in Latvia and Estonia – thus is resulting in very similar industrial heritage.
THE PROJECT OBJECTIVE is to revive industrial heritage for the tourism development through:
  • Awareness raising about the industrial heritage value and importance in diversification of tourism offer in our regions;
  • Establishing the cooperation network among tourism related stakeholders of the industrial heritage in Latvia and Estonia and building the bridge with European Network of Industrial heritage;
  • Development and improvement of industrial heritage sites according to the nowadays visitors’ needs and expectations – in a live, attractive way both – with entertainment and education elements;
  • Combining the sites into joint industrial heritage route and promoting among the local and foreign target markets.

1 May 2017 – 30 April 2019

EUR 1 143 135.40 (including funding of the European Regional Development Fund EUR 971 665.09)

The Project is implemented by the Lead Partner – Kurzeme planning region in cooperation with 25 partners from Latvia and Estonia:

LP Kurzeme Planning Region 16 Freeport of Ventspils Authority
2 Riga Planning Region 17 Society „Train station „Airītes””
3 NGO West-Estonia Tourism 18 Aizpute country municipality
4 Vidzeme Planning Region 19 Kuldīga country municipality
5 Foundation South-Estonia Tourism 20 Wool Factory, Ltd
6 NGO Alatskivi Nature Centre 21 Līgatne Municipality
7 NGO Altveski 22 Ķoņu dzirnavas, Ltd
8 Rapina Paper Factory 23 Kocēni Municipality Council
9 AS Generaator 24 Gulbene – Alūksne bānītis, Ltd
10 NGO Hellenurme Watermill-Museum 25 Laane-Nigula Municipality
11 Limbažu Tīne, Ltd 26 Estonian Lighthouse Society
12 Jaunpils Municipality 27 Limex, Ltd
13 Ķekava Municipality 28 Foundation of Haapsalu and Laanemaa Museum
14 Saule Bīriņu Pils, Ltd 29 NGO Estonian Peat Museum
15 Rideļu dzirnavas, Ltd 30 Municipality of Poide

Project has ambitions to revise the industrial heritage resources in the programme area and to build the tourism product – joint route which demonstrate industrial heritage and tell the history in an attractive and participatory way. In the project are involved 5 thematic objects: mills and hydroelectric power stations, old manufacturing sites, railway heritage, lighthouses and water towers.

Project will be launched with networking and cooperation activities, which are essential to bring together owners and managers of industrial heritage sites, as well to involve related stakeholders (state institutions and Non-governmental organizations).

Networking activities will be supported also with competence building initiatives – regional seminars, cross-border thematic workshops, as well mentoring for sites – to provide required knowledge, so that sites are developed in line with the latest trends in tourism product development and taking into account expectations and demands of market – visitors.

In total 26 industrial heritage sites shall have improvements and will develop tourism products:
1) Mills and hydroelectric power stations – 5 sites
2) Old manufacturing sites – 9 sites
3) Railway heritage – 5 sites.
4) Lighthouses –4 sites.
5) Water towers – 3 sites.

Project’s marketing activities are aimed to provide greater awareness about the whole region and to increase number of visitors.

The above reflects author’s views and the Managing Authority of Estonia-Latvia Programme is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

Project Manager
Maija Bebre
Phone No.: +371 28665571, maija.bebre@kurzemesregionslv

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