On September 15 and 16, the Kurzeme Planning Region in Ventspils hosted the partners of the project “Military Heritage” for the first face-to-face meeting. The meeting brought together all Latvian partners, representatives from the Secretariat and the Monitoring Group, as well as a special guest, an enthusiast of Latvian military history from Germany. At the same time, the Estonian partners met within their country and joined online.

We discussed responsibilities, publicity and communication, the work to be done in the next period, the use of the visual identity of the military heritage, the tasks to be performed when developing the site


The partners had the opportunity to see 3 amazing military heritage sites in Kurzeme – the newly renovated Ventspils 46th Coast Guard Battery and its fire correction tower, Irbene radio telescopes and enjoy the collection of military trucks in Dundaga!We are especially proud of Ventspils partners, who have already completed the construction works within the project, renovating the 46th shore protection battery fire correction tower, which will be safe for tourists to visit from the next tourist season!

“View from Ventspils” story about the meeting of Military Heritage project partners in Ventspils, September 15 and 16 (video from the 3rd minute to the 6th minute of the story).

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Kurzeme Planning Region
“Military Heritage” Project Manager
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