Final Conference and “Lunch of senses” in the project “I can work”!

LLI-468 I can work On 19 January 2023 in Ventspils Kurzeme Planning Region held its Final #Icanwork Project Conference and invited employers across Kurzeme to participate in the “Lunch of senses” for employers as part of the afternoon networking session. The morning session of the Conference primarily targeted the topic of intergration methods of people

Social workers from Kurzeme and Lithuania meet on an experience exchange visit in Kurzeme

LLI-468 I can work On 15-16 September 2022, as part of “I can work” project, 40 social workers from Lithuania and Kurzeme met on an experience exchange visit in Kurzeme. The aim of the visit was to explore the offer and possibilities of social care services in Kurzeme, find out about the most efficient and

People with disabilities from Kurzeme participate at the summer camp in Lithuania

LLI-468 I can work On 18 – 22 July 2022 15 participants – people with disabilities from Liepāja and Kuldīga Day Support Centres – as part of the “I can work” project – went to Kretingas region to take part in the five days’ summer camp together with 15 particiants from Kretinga Day Activities’ Centre

Social workers from Kurzeme on an experience exchange visit to Lithuania

LLI-468 I can work On 4 – 5 July 2022 twenty social workers from Kurzeme together with “I can work” project partners from Kretinga went on an experience exchange visit to Raseiniai (Lithuania). Together with lithuanian colleagues the social workers from Kurzeme learned how and what services people with disabilities can receive at the project

Training course on people with disabilities and the labour market

From February till June 2022 the training for social workers on people with disabilities and the labour market took place in Kurzeme. 80 social workers and representatives from NGOs working with the disabled participated in the two days’ training course led by the Liepāja Society of the Blind. The first day took place online via

Partners meeting in Kretinga

On 10 June in Kretinga (Lithuania) 2022, at Kretinga Day Activities Centre, 4 project partners – Kurzeme Planning Region, Kuldīga County Municipality, Kretinga Day Activities Centre and Raseiniai Employment and Service Centre for People with Disabilities – came together for a joint partners’ meeting to discuss the project progress and upcoming joint activities for the

International conference on social work

 On 9 June 2022 in Kretinga (Lithuania), the Kretinga Day Activity Centre in cooperation with Kurzeme Planning Region held the conference “Facilitating social work and institutional cooperation”. More than 60 participants, both from Latvia and Lithuania, took part at the conference. The lectors presented a number of important topics – on the methodics of the

Within the framework of the project “I can work” the meeting with entrepreneurs has taken place in Talsi municipality and Ventspils

In December, within the framework of the project LLI-468 “A Step Forward: Developing Personal Resources and Skills for Employment” (I can work), Kurzeme Planning Region visited two companies, “Arčers BB” in Roja, Talsi municipality, which owns the cafe “Otra puse” and the hotel  “Roja” and in the social enterprise “Creative Bread Laboratory “Ramala ””, Ventspils.

Our sixth meeting with local entrepreneurs and people with disabilities in handicraft store Rokraksts in Stende

Within the framework of the project “I can work” implemented by Kurzeme planning region, we invite entrepreneurs to an informative meeting in order to raise awareness of people with disabilities, their ability to participate in the labor market and be equal members of society. Within the the project, it is planned to visit those entrepreneurs,