On 24 January 2024 in Saldus, together with NGO Apeirons, municipalities from Kurzeme, tourism specialists and guides, Kurzeme Planning Region organised a local open forum as part of the Project “Development of accessible tourism routes” (Access Routes) to discuss about facilitation of accessibility at culturally-historical objects in Kurzeme!

What to do to make museums, expositions and their contents more accessible? This has been discussed during the opening forum session at J. Rozentāls History and Art Museum in Saldus, where participants also visited the museum expositions and got a chance to touch and study the tactile E.Rozentāle portret, as well as hear the story on how it had been created.

The second session continued at Saldus KOPtelpa with presentation by the Project Leader A.Lūse (KPR) and project accessibility expert J.Briedis (NGO Apeirons) on accessibility criteria and tactile solutions.

The forum finished with an exciting practical session where participants tried themselves in a “blind” challenge to feel, understand and guess what they are touching and what they are hearing when someone else tries to describe, for example, a painting that another person can’t see. In the context of guessing by touching and universal design – did you know that Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite bottles each has a different design? What makes it fast and easy for a blind persons to find the exact product it needs.

As part of the forum, participants also brainstormed of creative tactile solutions for 5 project investment sites in Kurzeme, where this year it has been planned to design and install them – at Mālkalns in Tukums, Elkrags nature path, Grobiņa, Būšnieki lake beach in Ventspils and Ciecere nature path in Saldus.

Project activities are being implemented with the support of the Interreg Estonia – Latvia Programme 2021-2027.

Infomation prepared by:

Project Leader in Kurzeme Planning Region
Alise Lūse
Tālrunis: 26567874, alise.luse@kurzemesregions.lv