Kurzeme Planning Region together with NGO Apeirons have started accessibility inspections in Kurzeme. During whole summer we shall visit and inspect various nature sites, museums, guest houses, cafes and other tourism objects to assess the existing status and provide simple and practical recommendations for improvements. The accessible and most interesting objects and srvices shall be included as part of the accessible 1-3 days routes offer that we’re developing as part of the project.

The first inspections were carried out on 22 March 2024 in Tukums and Kandava areas, by visitng the Durbe Museum, Kandava Museum, Čužu swamp nature trail, guest house “Jaunkrastmaļi” and rural farm “Kangari”.

As part of our on-spot inspections, we will also share our advice on how to improve accessibility. Here’s to start with from what we’ve seen during the first inspections:

  • Marking of stairs:
    • use contrasting tape, e.g. white tape on dark stairs or dark tape on light colored stairs;
    • remember – you can use a tape that nicely fits into the overall interior of the building – meaning that it is not necessary to use the yellow/black colored tape;
    • mark the first and the last step with the tape.
    • This will help people with poor vision to better orient and feel much more confident!
  • Doors – make sure that:
    • width of the doorway is sufficient for a wheelchair user to get in and out and 90cm is recommended. Depending on the type of the wheelchair and the person itself, the width in some cases can be a little bit narrower, but not less than 70cm;
    • toilet door opens towards the outside, not the inside of the toilet, to provide for a sufficient maneuvering space;
    • door handle is easy to turn;
    • door still is not higher than 15mm and its edges are not sharp (are rounded);
    • door stills being higher than 15mm have simple and flat ramps (for example, the one in the picture is too steep). Assistant can always help, but remember, that electric wheelchairs are really heavy (~80kg) and in many cases, if there is a door still of 2cm height, the electric wheelchair user will not be able to get in.

Project activities are being implemented with the support of the Interreg Estonia – Latvia Programme 2021-2027.

Infomation prepared by:

Project Leader in Kurzeme Planning Region
Alise Lūse
Tālrunis: 26567874, alise.luse@kurzemesregions.lv