Kurzeme Planning Region together with project partners from Estonia and Finland, as well as  NGO Apeirons, have developed an Accessibility Check-list for Nature Trails, which lists the key criteria to determine the compliance of the trail with accessibility requirements.

The Check-list (CL) summarises the most important questions, grouped under several sections, to assess whether the nature trail, its amenities and related infrastructure are accessible to people with movement, visual, hearing and cognitive impairment, seniors, parents travelling with baby-strollers etc. The CL also provides for the recommended values and limits, such as the minimum width of the trail, the maximum slope etc.

Accessibility check-list for nature trails

We hope that the CL shall serve as a handy guide to all trail administrators (municipalities, nature protected areas’ administrations, private owners etc.) in order to determine the trail’s compliance with the minimum recommended accessibility requirements, as well as facilitate further work on adaptation of trails, by identifying the weak points and stimulating a step by step adjustment of the trail infrastructure.

The CL shall be presented at the Accessibility Seminar, which is at present planned to be held on 17 June 2020 at the Nature Education Centre of Ķemeri National Park. However, due to precautionary measures related to COVID-19, we kindly ask everyone to follow the information on our website in regard to the possible change of the Seminar date.

The project is being implemented with support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.


Information provided by:
Alise Lūse
Project Manager
Tel.: +371 26567874, alise.luse@kurzemesregions.lv