CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)”

Continuing our project work on the development of tactile objects and information stands, a brand new mock-up of Skrunda castle-mound has been installed at the foot of the hill in the parking zone. The mock-up spetially reflects the castle mound relief, the path along it, the area, as well as the main objects on it, taking into account the size proportion in relation to the castle-mound, so that people with visual impairment could comprehend the area with touch. The mock-up is made of concrete, it thematically highlights the culturally historic and lnadscape value of this area – since the 2nd century the Western-Balts Curonian tribes had lived here and it was once the centre of the area ruled by Curonian kings (Lat. – kuršu ķoniņi) – Jēkabs Sigitars, Ērmanis Pilāts, Santiķis and Veisens. In honor of the 750th anniversary of Skrunda being mentioned in historical sources, stylized seats of Curonian kings have been made and installed in the castle-mound park and have also been reflected in the mock-up.

The castle-mound mock-up has been developed with support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 as part of the project CB786 “Nature Access to All” (NatAc).

Information provided by:
Alise Lūse                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Project Manager
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