Project start date:January 7, 2010

Project end date:October 30, 2011

Total eligible Project budget:EUR 1,014,652.00
Project Partners

  • Lead Partner – Kurzeme Planning Region Administration (Budget: EUR 91,372.00)
  • Project Partner 2 – Ventspils University College  (Budget: EUR 270,304.00)
  • Project Partner 3 – Riga Technical University Liepaja Branch (Budget: EUR 214,425.00)
  • Project Partner 4 – Kaunas University of Technology (Budget: EUR 139,527.00)
  • Project Partner 5 – Klaipeda University (Budget: EUR 241,831.00)
  • Project Partner 6 – Kaunas Regional Innovation Centre (Budget: EUR 57,193.00)
Project Objective

5L objective is the development of human capital through the contribution to the promotion of effective lifelong learning system in Kurzeme and North-West Lithuania cross border territory by the collaborative platform to promotethe entrepreneurship and develop engineering skills, improving and transfer of targeted policy measures on national level, using advanced e-education solutions and creation of multi-institutional certification of obtained educational qualifications.

Project sub-objectives:

  • Analysis of the current situation, identification of the imperfections and to study the needs. Preparation of recommendations for the policy improvements;
  • Testing of selected innovative lifelong learning service products and preparation of the methodology as the base for the creation of future products;
  • Evaluation of functions, activities and expected contribution of regional universities in the promotion of the regional lifelong learning system;
  • Effective cross border collaboration in the lifelong learning policy development and implementation;
  • Creation of effective e – learning and communication platform with target groups;
  • Increase of the motivation for Public – private partnership in lifelong learning;
  • Furtherance of Poly – centric regional development.
Project Work Packages:

WP1 – Management and Coordination (Responsible Partner – LP-KPRA)

  • Project Steering Committee meetings (Total – 3)
  •  Project Management Group meetings (Total – 10)
  •  Preparation of Partner progress reports (Total – 3)
  •  Preparation of Project reports (Total – 3)
  •  Management and coordination of project documentation flow, coordination of experts work
  •  Disbursements to project partners
Total budget of WP1 – EUR 139,417.80
 WP2 – Lifelong Learning Policy design and validation (Responsible Partner – LP-KPRA, PP5-KU and PP6-KRIC)
  •  Elaboration of Supply-Demand Analysis
  •  Elaboration of Lifelong Learning Action Plan 2011-2015
  •  Study visit to Tartu (Estonia) and report
  •  Elaboration of Certification methodology and credit point system
  •  Pilot activities to test the models and report
  •  Recommendations for legislation on LLL system
  •  Recommendations for LLL policy
Total budget of WP2 – EUR 103,610.62
WP 3 – Virtual Community Platform (Responsible Partner – PP4-KTU, PP5-KU and PP2-VUC)
  • Open web portal with social networking tools development (report on SNT)
  • Translation, adaptation and use of Moodle
  • Development of 3-layer course system (e-courses) and testing, adaptation of 3 pilot courses for entrepreneurs)
  • Infrastructure for e-media material
  •  Filming and recording of educational e-media materials
  •  Working seminars for e-learning professionals on WEB portal and e-platform (report on implementation)
Total budget of WP3 – EUR 143,661.72
WP 4 – Development of sustainable LLL Infrastructure (Responsible Partner – PP2-VUC, PP3-LTRU and PP5-KU)
  • Development of concept of the model of business school (entrepreneurship center) as an integrated part of the LLL system (and report)
  • Draft plan to meet cross-border entrepreneurship training needs
  • Investments in infrastructure
  • Establishment of engineering skill center and report on 3 ESC development / establishment in the region
  • Creation and testing of courses for engineering skill development
  • Report on module system implementation possibilities in engineering skill training
Total budget of WP4 – EUR 594,632.24
WP 5 – PR and cross-border collaboration network (Responsible partner – LP-KPRA, PP6-KRIC and PP4-KTU)
  • Mobility scheme development and implementation (20 mobility trips)
  • Elaboration of communication plan
  • Articles on project in partners home pages (Total – 20-24)
  • Project leaflet (500 copies)
  • Television interviews (Total – 2)
  • First stage project conference and report and project closing conference and report
  • Electronic newsletter on project results
  • Final project results report electronic and printed
  • Video-reviews on project results (Total – 7-8)
    Total budget of WP5 – EUR 33,329.62
Contact information:
Kurzeme Planning Region Administration
5L Project assistant: Zanda Rūtenberga
Phone: +371 67331492