LLI-447 “Explore Balts”

On 13 of May Kurzeme planning reghion is opening the EXHIBITION ON COURONIANS at the shopping mall Riga Plaza!

Couronians were mighly warriors and merchants, who were remarkable both, of their ability to fight with Scandinavians and of their enduring paganism, which the Christianity was able to break as one of the last in Europe.

Find out more on Couronian hillforts, sacred places, crafts, clothing and food at our new Balts’ road exhibition on Couronian loop! The exhibition shall be open at Riga Plaza till the end of May and then will travel to Kurzeme, where it shall be exhibited the whole summer and autumn at many places in Kurzeme – Mērsrags, Pape, Liepāja, Kaltene, Ventspils, Kandava, Embūte, Roja, Druva and Otaņķi:

15 – 31 May: TC Riga Plaza

1 –19 June: Mērsrags Information Centre

19 June – 1 July: “Dzintarvēji”, Pape

1 – 20 July: TC “Kurzeme”, Liepāja

20 July – 4 August: Kaltene Club

4 – 28 August: Ventspils Seaside Open-Air Museum

29 August – 13 September: Kandava Museum

13 – 30 September: Embūte Tourism Information Centre

5 – 15 October: Latvian National Library

18.– 23 October: Druva Secondary School

24 October – 6 November: Otaņķi Culture House

7 – 20 November: Rundāles Library

21 November – 4 December: Roja Tourism Information Centre

4 – 31 December: Talsi Library

Project activities are being implemented with the support of the Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Programme 2014-2020.

Information provided by:

Alise Lūse,

Explore Balts Project Manager
Kurzeme Planning Region
Tel.: + 371 26567874, alise.luse@kurzemesregions.lv