The realization of the project “Garden Pearl II” in Kurzeme region has started. Reports for the first reporting period have been submitted and validated. Several procurements have bee­­­­n carried out and are being prepared in order to carry out improvement work and other planned activities during this year.

A procurement has been carried out for the purchase of two 3D glasses with 360-degree video for filming at Sabile wine Hill, Sabile, Talsi County. Three tenders were received and the contract was concluded with SIA „CRE ATE” for a total amount of EUR 8230.00, excluding VAT. One kick of meeting on zoom platform with representatives of SIA “CREATE “and Sabile tourism centre happened about film plan and schedule, because the time for the planned filming works is nine months. It is planned to film Sabile wine Hill in all four seasons, including the Sabile wine Festival and some historical information.

A procurement has yet been made for attracting accessibility experts to Broceni Forest Park improvement works. The contract was concluded with the NGO “Apeirons” for EUR 985.00, excluding VAT. Procurements have been announced for the manufacture and installation of informational stands with tactile solutions at Sabile wine Hill and Broceni Forest Park. A statute is being prepared for procurement regarding the manufacture and installation of elements in Broceni Forest Park, Saldus municipality. Project partners meet regularly and report on progress in the project. An experience-sharing trip to Gothenburg on Swedish garden culture is scheduled for May 13-15.

The project activities are carried out with the support of the Interreg Estonia-Latvia Program for the period 2021-2027.

Information prepared by Project Manager Vizma Ģēģere, mobile: 29129385, email: