The selected nature guides’ training group met on 18-20 January in Dundaga to participate at already the second training session. Over the three days, the trainees – nature guides from all around Kurzeme – learned about the different target groups that a guide has to work with, their needs and psychology, specifics and needs of different visitor age groups, the tools that the guide should have, perception mechanisms and effects, peculiarities of environmental incentives at different ages, relation of temperament features and character types with perception, key principles for a productive conversation, versatile intellect theory and ways for tracing it. In addition to theoretical studies, the practical work in groups was carried out in an interactive manner for guides generating excursion themes, topics, titles, descriptions, adapting excursion to certain age groups and generating offers to different visitors based on the versatile intellect theory, as well as presenting the group work and discussing on recommendations.

The training is organised under the UniGreen project by Kurzeme Planning Region in cooperation with the “Nature Guides Association”. 27 practising guides in Kurzeme region participate at the training to acquire knowledge on nature interpretation and it’s key principles, planning and organisation of nature events, skills to work with various target groups, their needs and psychology, nature interpretation to people with disabilities and problem-solving, nature interpretation for children and youth, marketing of nature interpretation events, incl. attraction of the interest of journalists, as well as organising of nature interpretation expositions.

The training runs from October 2017 till November 2018 and it provides for 6 training sessions (each 3 days long) in Kurzeme overall and a practical training visit to Lithuania (2 days). Up to now, the trainees have already participated at the practical training visit to Lithuania and two training sessions in Kurzeme (Kuldīga and Dundaga). The next training session will take place on 22-24 March in Liepāja and it will focus on nature interpretation to people with disabilities and problem-solving.

Information prepared by:
Alise Lūse
UniGreen Project Manager
Kurzeme Planning Region
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