facilitating access to nature tourism by developing the chain of accessible nature tourism sites in Latvia, Estonia and Finland.


  • Local and foreign travellers
  • Tourism entrepreneurs and service providers
  • Local municipalities and nature parks
  • Non-governmental sector uniting people with disabilities


The Project is implemented by the Lead Partner – Kurzeme planning region in cooperation with 4 partners from Estonia and Finland:


The Project focuses on facilitating accessible and sustainable tourism in the Central Baltic regions, by improving access to nature tourism infrastructure, products and information, thus benefiting to the increase of the number of tourists, i.a.:

  1. imrpoving access to 14 nature tourism destinations in Kurzeme, West-Estonia and Finland;
  2. compiling a Guidebook of accessible nature sites and developing a chain of accessible destinations to promote the Central Balic region as a single tourism destination;
  3. enhancing the website to cover also the accessible nature trails and objects in Estonia and Finland;
  4. paying special attention to tourism-related products and solutions for people with disabilities (tactile objects, information in Braille script, audio and video solutions, information signs, senses-based solutions etc.).

In Kurzeme, it is foreseen to develop 7 nature trails, adapting them to people with disabilities, at Lake Būšnieku, Liepāja Horse Island, Skrunda, Alsunga, Kazdanga and Kalēti Forest Park, i.a. installing dry accessible toilets, ramps, improving resting areas etc.