CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)”

Upon the project closure we have published a series of 7 sincere videos on accessible nature trails to all in Kurzeme and the Central Baltic Region. Take a look!

  • Episode 1: Lake Būšnieki nature trail – the longest accessible trail in Latvia – with Gustavs and Marta, riding the trail in wheelchairs;

  • Episode 2: Lake Liepāja Zirgu island trail with Māris Ceirulis, telling about the accessibility of the trail to people with visual impairment;

  • Episode 3: Kalēti Forest Park Priediens on four exciting  thematic paths (plants, animals, mushrooms and stingers) for the whole family;

  • Episode 4: Kazdanga Park nature trails on wide hiking options in the park and peaceful rest offers for mothers expecting a baby;

  • Episode 5: Skrunda trail along the River Venta with one of the strongest man in the world – Daini Zāģeri;

  • Episode 6: Alsunga Žibgrava nature trail – with the famous, always joyful and active Suiti women!

  • Episode 7, which tells about the nature trails in the Central Balic Region – Latvia, Estonia and Finland, which are accessible to all, incl. wheelchairs users, blind persons, families, seniors.

Videos have been made with support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 as part of the project CB786 “Nature Access to All” (NatAc).

Information provided by:
Alise Lūse

Project Manager
Tel.: +371 26567874, alise.luse@kurzemesregions.lv