On September 24, 2010 Agreement No. 1DP/ on implementation of the project “Attraction of experts to Kurzeme Planning Region” financed by the European Social Fund was signed between Kurzeme Planning Region and State Regional Development Agency.

Within the project 3 experts will be attracted: a project manager, a project coordinator and a legal adviser.
Training of experts will be organised for attracting the experts and improvement of qualification.
Furniture and computer hardware will be leased for provision of equipped work places.
It is planned to implement the project activities during the period from November 1, 2010 to April 30, 2012.
The general goal of the project is to improve the administrative capacity of Kurzeme Planning Region and to encourage efficient public administration.
Specific objective: To provide specialists for Kurzeme planning region. The project will significantly strengthen the administrative capacity of the KPR, attracting professionals to provide expertise, so the organization can better fulfill their functions.
Activities will make a significant contribution to the development of Kurzeme planning region, promoting balanced regional economic development and employment.
Total eligible costs of the project LVL 40 500.
Funding provided by the European Social Fund – 100% of total eligible costs.