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This is a peculiar forest park, woven with secrets and legends. It was formed in the end of the 19th century as the Aizvīķi manor park, when the manor baron fon Korf sowed the nearby hilly land with pine and spruce forest. Later the 40 ha large territory had been sowed with other trees and installed with walking paths and a pheasant garden.

In addition to the picturesque forest landscape, you will also find a number of characters from fairy tales and legends carved in wood, telling the visitors of the Aizvīķi history and cultural heritage sites – the Dark Gutter, Footstone, Witch’s Punishment Site, Witch’s Puddle, Ghost Hill and the 18th century cemetery. There’s also a Green Class site at the Park for children to learn about the nature.


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Location: Aizvīķi Park, Gramzda Parish
Suggested starting point: Aizvīķi manor pub and parish house

Starting poing of the trail in the map: Lat:56.334407, Lon:21.724638


 (Certain trail stretches)

Hiking time: 1 -1,5 h

Distance: 4 km

Marking: Marked with special signs indicating the way to objects of interest

Type: Loop and out&back


Trail surface: Path, forest road


Getting there:  by car, by bus

Rules to follow: 

Trail administrator: Association Aizvīķi Park, +371 29186717,  

Info: Priekule County Tourism Information Point, +371 29186717,,

Closest shops and gas stations: Priekule