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Description of the path:

To the south and north from the Dutch Hat (Lith. Olandų kepurė) is the escarpment of an ancient Littorina sea shore, formed by waves around 5 – 7 thousand years ago. The relative height of this ancient slope (from the sea terraces below to the top of the morainic ridge above) is 8 – 21 m. Here there were deep springy caverns with short torrential brooks. At the end of the 19th century, landscaping the Giruliai seaside, a park for walks of Klaipėda inhabitants was created in these picturesque places. The Oaks, Beeches, Sycamore maples, other ornamental trees were planted. There is a nice viewing platform on the top of the slope opening an impressive view to the sea and the beach.

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Location: Pajūrio Regional Park, Klaipėda
Suggested starting point: Olando kepurė, Karklė

Starting poing of the trail in the map: Lat:55.79894,Lon:21.06731


Hiking time: 2 h

Distance: 5,6 km

Marking: Information signs

Type: Loop


Trail surface: Wooden boardwalk, seashore, path


Giruliai and Karklė villages

Viewing platform

Getting there: by car, by public bus (Public bus No 24 from Klaipėda city center) 

Rules to follow: 

Trail administrator: Pajūrio Regional Park Visitor Centre, +370 46 412483,

Villa „Olandų kepurė – Žiogelis”, +370 686 62915,


Klaipėda District Tourist Information Centre, 5 Kvietinių Street, Gargždai, +370 46 473 416,,

Pajūrio Regional Park Visitor Centre, 54 Placio Street, Karklė, +370 46 412483,,

Closest shops: Klaipėda

Closest gas stations: Kalotė, Klaipėda