• Attention: the nature trail is closed for visitors due to the maintenance works of the territory, carried out by the trail administrator JSC Latvia’s State Forests.

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Description of the trail:

Kaltene Stone Ridges is one of the most unique sightseeing objects in Roja County. The nature trail is located in the forest, approximately 1,5 km from Kaltene seaside. The trail itself is not long, ~1,7 km, loop-type, but it is special because of its numerous stone layers covered with moss. Such stone piles do not exist anywhere else on the coast of Latvia. These boulder piles are called kalvas (stone ridges) and were formed around 10 thousand years ago, when the Baltic Ice Lake retreated. Once they were the same height with the treetops (20 m high), though were almost completely destroyed during the Soviet time processing the stones into the stone chips for road construction needs. Only the bottom layer of the ridge has left nowadays, its height is around 1,5-2,5 m, yet it is still impressive. Over the time, the boulders had covered with moss and make you feel as if you were walking through the forest from some phantasy movie series like The Lord of the Rings or Twilight. Be careful when hiking in autumn, the boardwalks are slippery.

Download the GPX of the trail

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Location: Nature Monument: Geologic Formation – Kaltene Stone Ridges, Kaltene
Suggested starting point: Brown direction sign at the roadside Tukums-Kolka (P 131)

Starting poing of the trail in the map: Lat:57.45806,Lon:22.85598


Hiking time: 45 min

Distance: 1,7 km

Marking: Direction arrows on wooden pales

Type: Loop


 (in summer when the boardwalk is dry)

(in winter, autumn and sprin when the boardwalk is slippery)

Trail surface: Wooden boardwalk, path

 (During rain and in winter the trail is slippery)


Viewing platform

Getting there: by car, by bus

Rules to follow: 

Trail administrator: JSC Latvia’s State Forests, North Kurzeme Forestry, 26134357, lvm@lvm.lv

Info: Roja Tourism Information Centre, 14E Selgas Street, Roja, +371 28630590, tic@roja.lv, www.roja.lv/lv/turisms

Closest shops: Kaltene, Roja

Closest gas stations: Roja