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Description of the trail:

Labanoras coniferous forest is the second largest wood in Lithuania. Its key value is its system of lakes, which consists of 285 lakes that provide good growth conditions for flora and fauna. Here you will find the largest population of osprey in the Baltics. Since the 17th century the forest is known for its special pine trees. Already during the reign of the Russian czar Peter I these pine trees had been exported to Russia to be used in ship building as ship masts, as they are distinct for their height and small number of branches. In the Baltics, the pine trees most genetically close to those in Labanoras can only be seen in surroundings of Riga.

Walking along the trail you shall notice several small hillocks – ancient burial grounds, which bespoke of the fact that this area had been inhabited already since the 9th century. The trail also stretches through the Woodland Key Habitat. This is a wooded area not affected by economic activity, or affected at the slightest extent. Be careful here, as in spring and autumn part of the path may be flooded, therefore it is suggested to take appropriate footwear along. There might also be few other obstacles in some parts of the trail due to the poor condition of the boardwalk (broken, rotten planks), therefore some caution is advised. Part of the boardwalk was renovated in 2018 and renovation continues.

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Location: Labanoras Regional Park, Labanoras
Suggested starting point: Near road Molėtai-Ignalina, 3 km from Labanoras in the direction of Ignalina

Starting poing of the trail in the map: Lat: 55.26376, Lon: 25.82226

Accessibility:  For the whole distance route

For part of the route

Hiking time: 1 h

Distance: Small loop: 1 km, long loop: 3 km

Marking: Not marked, but can easily follow the trail

Type: Loop


Trail surface: Path, wooden boardwalk

 (During rain and in winter the trail is slippery. In spring and autumn part of the path may be flooded)


in Labanoras

Getting there: by car. Take the road Molėtai-Ignalina and drive until the red road sign – Labanoro girios pažintinis takas. Parking lot is just behind the sign.

Rules to follow: 

Trail administrator: Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park Directorate, tel. +370 38647478,


Labanoras Regional Park Visitor Centre, 19 Seniūnijos g., Labanoras, tel. + 370 659 730 78, e:,

Closest shops: Labanoras, Molėtai, Švenčionėliai, Kaltanėnai

Closest gas stations: Molėtai, Švenčionėliai, Kaltanėnai