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Description of the trail:

The boulder of Šaukliai is distinguished by the unique tundra-like landscape, unusual in Lithuania. A nature path with an observation tower and information pointers introduces with the unique flora and fauna of this area. The boulder of Šaukliai is one of the largest boulders in Lithuania and is part of the Šaukliai Landscape Reserve. The Reserve spans a total area of 79 ha and was formed in the last glacial period. It is also known as the Lithuanian tundra, in which, in its primeval position, the rocks of 0,3-1 m or even 3 m in diameter are fairly evenly distributed. Very lush, high, reaching even 6 m, junipers of various forms grow between them, forming a full brushwood. Part of the boulder area is fenced, because of the mouflons band grazing there for nature management purposes. People in wheelchairs and parents with baby-strollers are suggested to contact the trail administrator in advance of the visit to access the trail because of the fence.

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Location: Salantai Regional Park, Šaukliai Village, Skuodas District 

Starting poing of the trail in the map: Lat: 56.12609,  Lon: 21.59004


  Wooden boardwalk. WC is not accessible

Hiking time: 1 – 2 h

Distance: 2,7 km

Marking: Information stands and arrows

Type: Loop


Trail surface: Wooden boardwalk, path


Watching tower

  at parking lot

Getting there: by car

Rules to follow: 

Trail administrator: Salantai Regional Park, +370 445 58761, 

Info: Skuodas District Municipality, 10 Vytauto Street, Skuodas, tel. +370 440 73 935, 

Closest shops: Salantai, Mosedis

Closest gas stations: Salantai