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Description of the trail:

Suggested starting point is at the Visitor Centre in Plateliai, where tourists can visit the exposition – Mysteries of Žemaitija land, as well as find information about Žemaitija National Park and buy maps with the different trail routes.

The trail offers to walk around Plateliai and Beržoras Ethnocultural village. Both settlements are known for their old and rich history. Heading south from the Visitor Centre you can visit the exposition of Žemaitija National Park at Plateliai Manor Barn, as well as the Shrove Tuesday Exposition at Plateliai Manor Stable, which is the only one in Lithuania where more than 300 traditional Shrove Tuesday masks are presented. Continuing the way along the bike-pedestrian path passing the Siberija Thelmological Reserve the route leads to Beržoras village. Walking around the village you can see 14 chapels of the Cross Way and visit St. Stanislovas Church built in 1746. Here you can also find the nature heritage object – Birškus beech, enjoy panoramic views of Beržoras Lake and relax at Beržoras recreation site with a parking lot, WC and swimming, picnic and children playground sites on the coast. You can return by the same route and visit some more points of interest on your way back: Siberija watching tower (15 m high), Traditional Craft Centre in the cellar of Plateliai Manor, Plateliai Manor Park and St. Peter and Paul church. Siberija watching tower offers to enjoy the panoramic views of Plateliai Lake and Siberija Thelmological Reserve. At the Traditional Craft Centre, also adapted for people in wheelchairs, you can take part at various traditional educational crafts’ programmes. At the Manor Park it is recommended to visit the thickest Lithuanian ash – Witch’s ash, see the ruins of the manor or walk along the cognitive trail for kids.

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Location: Žemaitija National Park, Plateliai Suggested starting point: Visitor Centre (8 Didžioji Street, Plateliai)

Starting poing of the trail in the map: Lat: 56.04229, Lon: 21.81529


Traditional Craft Centre and 1st floor of the Visitor Centre. Shrove Tuesday Exposition is partly adapted. The trail stretch to Siberija watching tower and the tower itself are not accessible

Hiking time: 1-2 h (one way)

Distance: 4 km (one way)

Marking: No specific marking, but there are informational boards and direction signs close to objects of interest

Fee: Pricing only for expositions and educational programmes

Open: All year, except the Visitor Centre, expositions and the Traditional Craft Centre

Type: Point-to-point


Trail surface: Brick paving, asphalt, gravel, stairs


Plateliai Visitor Centre

expositions and Traditional Craft Centre


Watching tower

Getting there: by car, by public transport from Plungė

Rules to follow: 

prohibited at places not designated

Trail administrator:  Žemaitija National Park Directorate, tel. +370 448 49231; e-mail:


Žemaitija National Park Visitor Centre – 8 Didžioji Street, Plateliai, tel. +370 448 49231; e-mail:,
Žemaitija National Park and Shrove Tuesday Expositions (22 Didžioji Street, Plateliai), Tel. +370 65907918

Traditional Craft Centre, 19 Didžioji Street, Plateliai

Closest shops: Plateliai, Plungė

Closest gas stations: Plateliai, Plungė