During MEDWwater middterm event Project partners had an opportunity to get to know the experience of Switzerland in the field of wastewater treatment, introduced by Dr. Christa McArdell. The expert gave presented her knowledge in Strategical planning of introduction of advanced wastewater treatment in Switzerland”  andTechnical solutions of advanced wastewater treatment in Switzerland”.

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Dr. Christa McArdell, Senior scientist / group leader, Department Environmental Chemistry, Eawag, Switzerland – Expert about contaminants in wastewater treatment. Research interests:

  • Input and fate of organic contaminants, e.g. pharmaceuticals, from urban settlements in the aquatic environment.
  • Wastewater treatment processes and strategies for the removal of organic micropollutants in conventional and advanced treatment with ozone and activated carbon, in decentralized treatment of hospital wastewater and urine.
  • Development of analytical techniques for the determination of organic pollutants and (ozonation) transformation products with LC-(HR)MS/MS in sewage and ambient waters.

More information about the expert is available on Eawag – Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology home page: https://www.eawag.ch/en/aboutus/portrait/organisation/staff/profile/christa-mcardell/show/ 

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