In February and early March 2023, the launch of the “NOTE” project was marked with several meetings and events, where both project partners and other target audiences important for the implementation of the project participated.

The aim of the kick-off meeting was to get to know the partners, exchange working practices, discuss administrative aspects of the project and its management, learn about the context of the project and promote the importance of informed participation in the European Elections.

The event was delivered in two parts with one follow up event:

  • 20.02.2023 – as an internal meeting for the project partners, online via zoom;
  • 28.02.2023 – as an open event in a hybrid manner with many Italian participants preset in person and the partners preset online via zoom;
  • 7.03.2023 – as a follow up meeting via zoom with partners and Facilitators for the European Elections to work on the Street Debate methodology.
Event description note

The event is financed by Europe Union. NOTE stands for the “Network of Organizations and Towns for the European Elections”. It is an initiative  from 11 EU Member States in the framework of the programme CERV. We represent citizens, local governments and civil society organisations from: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Latvia, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium and Germany.

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Aija Neilande
Project manager

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