Title: Development of the water routes network in Latvia and Lithuania by further expanding the cross-border tourism product www.riverways.eu

Project acronym: WaterWays (LL-00011)

Project objective: Project objective is to develop the waterways network in Latvia and Lithuania by further expanding existing cross-border tourism product riverways.eu through designing of a network of lakes for recreational activities and rivers for kayaking in whole Programme area. Through cross-border cooperation, it will result with joint comprehensive information of water tourism based activities in lakes and rivers on www.riverways.eu, covering full customer journey. “Safe&Green” concept will facilitate safe and nature friendly tourism and decrease unexpected anthropogenic load on natures resources used for tourism, as well as contribute to more responsible and educated travellers’ society. 6 recreational sites near waters will be developed, contributing to the accessible nature resources for water-based activities.

Planned activities

  • Lake & river expeditions to collect to upload the accessed and qualifying recreational lakes & rivers on www.riverways.eu with GPS, photos, descriptions;
  • Introduction of a Safe&Green Concept through service providers to promote environmentally responsible behaviour during the water-based recreation near by lakes &rivers;
  • Improvement of access to water bodies: 4 in Kurzeme & 2 in Klaipeda region;
  • Marking of destinations with RIVERWAYS brand;
  • Events for tourism stakeholders – workshops on safety, environment, product development etc.;
  • Webpage upgrade & Branding of waterways network – RIVERWAYS symbol;
  • Travel Guide on lakes in Latvia & Lithuania.

Project results

  • As a result of the project, an increase in the number of visitors is expected to the Lat-Lit Programme area by 10800.

Project lead partner:

  • Kurzeme Planning Region (LV).

Project partners:

  • Saldus County Municipality (LV);
  • Talsi County Municipality (LV;
  • Kuldiga County Municipality (LV);
  • Administration of Liepāja City municipality (LV);
  • Klaipeda District Municipality Administration (LT);
  • Kretinga District Municipality Administration (LT);
  • Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association (LT).

Project duration

01.03.2024 – 28.02.2026

Project budget: EUR:719581.20

ERDF co-financing: EUR 575664,96

Project Manager in Kurzeme Planning Region: Viktorija Reine, Project Manager of Kurzeme Planning Region, phone: +371 28232978, E-mail: viktorija.reine@kurzemesregions.lv