First partner meeting in project “Access Routes”

On 26-27 October the Access Routes project partners met at Šlokenbeka Manor in Kurzeme for the first on-site kick-off meeting. The project is being carried out by the Kurzeme Planning Region as the Lead partner in cooperation with Vidzeme Planning Region, Estonian Chamber of People with Disabilities, Development Centre of Võru County, Tartu County Tourism

On 7th and 8th of November: Accessible hiking trails workshop and a hike on “Jūrtaka” – Baltic Coastal Hiking

We invite everybody to visit the Accessible hiking trails workshop and hike on “”Jūrtaka”  – Baltic Coastal Hiking” on 7th and 8th of November that will take place in Zvejniekciems. Registration is open until November 1, 2023: Event program: Please click on the picture to open the whole program. More about the project: The aim

EE-LV00043 “Development of accessible tourism routes” (Access Routes)

PROJECT OBJECTIVE Expand the chain of accessible nature tourism destinations on and develop 30 accessible 1-3 day routes in Latvia and Estonia. TARGET GROUP Local and foreign travellers Interest groups, incl. NGOs representing people with disabilities Tourism service providers – entrepreneurs, local municipalities, museums etc. PROJECT DURATION 1 October 2023 – 31 March 2026

Forest and Coastal Hiking Trails’ accessibility improvement for different social groups (Accessible Hiking Trails)

On September 18th & 19th, in Riga, 10 Latvian and Estonian tourism organizations met together and started work on a new project – Forest and Coastal Hiking Trails’ accessibility improvement for different social groups. The accessibility of hiking trails will be focused on 5 target groups – 1) people with functional impairments (movement, vision, hearing);

NatAc project partners visit Finland for final project team meeting

CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)” On 27-28 September the Nature Access to All  project NatAc partners met in Turku (Finland), to discuss the activities carried out over the last period and the overall results reached in the project. The team also visited its Finnsih Partner’s – Parks & Wildlife Finland (Metsahallitus) – infrastructure imporvements

Final Project Event “Let’s go to nature!”

CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)” The Final Project Event took place on September 17 at Ventspils theatre house “Jūras vārti”. During the first part of the event, the presentations’ round was held. Project Leader Alise Lūse talked about what has been done in the project over its 2,5 years’ implementation period: the Trails’ Guidebook

New Nature Trails’ Guidebook with 100 trails accessible to all and more than 300 other trails and nature sites!

CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)” As part of the “NatAc” project the new Nature Trails’ Guidebook is ready! With 100 trails accessible to all and more than 300 other trails and nature sites, which are located in the nearby area and might be of interest while travelling in Latvia, Esronia and Finland! The Guidebook

New videos on trails!

CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)” Upon the project closure we have published a series of 7 sincere videos on accessible nature trails to all in Kurzeme and the Central Baltic Region. Take a look! Episode 1: Lake Būšnieki nature trail – the longest accessible trail in Latvia – with Gustavs and Marta, riding the

Chests of senses for nature interpretation

CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)” As part of the Nature accessibility project, the NatAc project partner – Estonian Environmental Board – last year created a new and innovative educational tool, which helps to interpret nature for people with disabilities, particularly – the visually impaired. Five of such bags, developed based on the Estonian methodology,