• Important news: due to restrictions related to COVID-19 Balt’s Unity Day events in Kuldīga are cancelled and will take place in the next year. Therefore Kurzeme planning region will organize the Conference “Cultural Routes” on September of the year 2021.  The information on specific date and time will follow accordingly.

On 19 September at Kuldīga Arts’ House Kurzeme Planning Region is organising the Conference “Cultural Routes”.

The Conference is being organised as part of the Balts’ Unity Day events, which this year shall take place in Kuldīga and will delight the participants with numerous events at the City Garden, Town Square, Arts’ House. Throughout the day there will be various concerts with the participation of Latvian and Lithuanian artists, exhibitions, ancient crafts market, as well as the ancient fire night at 21:00 on the coast of the River Venta.

The Conference takes place from 10:00 till 15:00 and will introduce participants with Latvian and Lithuanian culture routes – international, national and local.

Everyone is invited!

Registration link: https://forms.gle/ExoNJxmWnEudmxBU6