CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)”

On 13-14 November, in Haapsalu (Estonia), Kurzeme Planning Region together with 3 project partners (Estonian Environmental Board, NGO West-Estonia Tourism, Parks & Wildlife Finland (Metsähallitus)), as well as representatives of NGO Apeirons, Estonian Chamber of Disabled People and Finnish Sport Association of Persons with Disabilities, organised the second project partners’ meeting, during which discussed the project progress reached so far and key activities for the next half-a-year period.

So far work on two out of three project key work packages has been started. As part of infrastructure development activities, there have been 2 dry toilets installed in Skrunda and Liepāja, accessible to people in wheelchairs, as well as a protective border installed on the wooden boardwalk at Lake Būšnieku trail in Ventspils. In West Estonia, a parking lot accessible to people in wheelchairs has been built at Matsi resting area in Pärnu County and the construction of the first invatoilet has started in Haapsalu. In Finland, the most significant construction activities are planned to start in 2020, nevertheless so far there has been an access improved to resting area in Kurjenrahka, i.a. providing access for people in wheelchairs to wood for fireplaces, waste bins etc.

As part of the Joint Tourism Product Development, the partners have participated at the experience exchange visit to Denmark, commenced the nature trails’ inspections in order to identify the trails in the Central Baltic area that are accessible to disabled and gather data on the trails’ length, surface, difficulty level and other criteria. In Kurzeme, the creation of first tactile objects has started to be installed at Kazdanga Rowan alley trail. In addition, the partners jointly with NGOs representing people with disabilities have developed the Accessibility Check-List aimed to support the municipalities, park authorities and private trail administrators in their efforts of adapting the trails, resting areas, toilets, fishing and boating sites, viewing platforms etc. for disabled by providing the key minimum accessibility criteria. The Accessibility Check-List shall be presented in each country in the beginning of next year through a specific workshop for representatives of local and park authorities, the private owners of guest houses and trails, as well as any other interested. Detailed information on the extact time and place of the workshop shall follow in the end of the year.

During the meeting, the partners also visited the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, the project investment site in Palivere, as well as learned of the training and practical work of the guide dogs!

Meeting presentations

overall project progress, Kurzeme planning region project manager Alise Lūse Presentation on progress in partner activities, West-Estonia Tourism Presentation on progress in partner activities, Parks & Wildlife, Finland

The project is being implemented with support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

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