On 20-21 May, in Nīca County, Kurzeme Planning Region together with 3 NatAc project partners (Estonian Environmental Board, NGO West-Estonia Tourism, Parks & Wildlife Finland (Metsähallitus)), as well as NGO Apeirons and Estonian Chamber for People with Disabilities hold the first project partner meeting.

The partners agreed on the joint project management and cooperation principles (establishment of te project coordination group and the steering group, roles and responsibilities of each partner, meeting schedule, reporting), publicity requirements and results to be reached in each period.

Over the first project period (May – October), as part of the infrastructure development activities, it is foreseen to start the work on five out of 14 project sites:

  • Skrunda walking trail along the River Venta in Kurzeme, where a dry closet accessible to people with disabilities shall be installed;
  • Lake Būšnieku trail in Kurzeme, where a dry closet accessible to people with disabilities, the edges on the wooden boardwalk and benches along the trail shall be installed;
  • Paralepa trail in Haapsalu town in Estonia, where two inva-toilets shall be installed;
  • Palivere Health trail in Lääne-Nigula Parsih in Estonia, where trail reconstruction works shall be done and a number of resting benches intsalled;
  • Coastal Hiking trail in Lääneranna region in Estonia, where reconstruction works on the tactile trail and parking lot shall be done, as well as 2 dry closets accessible to people with disabilities shall be installed.

Along with infrastructure development activities, over the first period, it is foreseen also to develop an Accessibility check-list in cooperation with accessibility experts from all three project partner countries, which will serve as a useful tool for all municipalities, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders involved in trail planning, construction and administration, in order to raise competence and assist in finding the most effective accessibility solutions.

In the first project period, the partners shall also start the most comprehensive project activity on identifying and carrying out the on-site inspections of all accessible nature trails in the core Central Baltic region in Latvia, Estonia and Finalnd. This activity shall last over the whole project period and will result in the key project result – the Guidebook and website of accessible nature trails.

At the end of the first meeting day the partners, guided by the Liepāja City Council representative E.Tolmačova, visited the Council building, Liepāja beach, the project site – Horse island trail, as well as the Liepāja city centre to learn of the best practice examples and future initiatives of the Liepāja Council related to accessibility. At the end of the second meeting day the partners, guided by the Head of the Liepāja Society of the Blind, visited the rehabilitation centre “Dvēseles veldzes dārzs”, where M. Ceirulis introduced the partners with the operation of the Society of the Blind, the three accessible nature trails and services provided at the rehabilitation centre.

The project is being implemented with support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

Meeting presentations

Kurzeme planning region: project management and overall activities Metsähallitus: Finnish activities in project Estonian Environmental Board: toolbox development Apeirons: NGO profile NGO West-Estonia Tourism activities in the project

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