On 6 June in Kretinga (Lithuania) the UniGreen project team (Aukštaitijos nacionalinis parkasBiržų Regioninis ParkasDURBE un Durbes novadsKretingos rajono savivaldybėKuldīgas Novada DomeRojas novada pašvaldībaSaldus novada pašvaldībaSkrundas novada pašvaldībaVentspils novada pašvaldībaŽemaitijos nacionalinis parkas) met at its first Project Management Meeting – the Project Kick-off event. The meeting was dedicated to discuss the planned infrastructure development activities, competence raising and marketing measures, as well as to agree on a detailed activity implementation plan for the first project period.

In the first project period (may – october) the work has begun in all four work packages – project management, communication, nature access for all (infrastructure development activities) and competence raising and marketing. Within the framework of infrastructure development activities in Kurzeme it is envisaged to start the reconstruction of the existing boardwalk and prolong the trail along the seaside in Roja beach, start the construction of the watchig tower near Sātiņi ponds in Saldus county, construction of the walking trail along Venta river banks in Skrunda and Kuldīga counties, construction of the walking trail along Usma lake in Ventspils county and commence the preparation of works for tourism infrastructure development to improve the acces for tourists to Durbe lake. Within the framework of infrastructure development activities in Lithuania it is foreseen to commence the improvement works at Jaurykla park in Kretinga, building of the viewing platform near the Plateliai lake at Žemaitija National Park, as well as start the preparation of works for the installment of pontoon piers at Aukštaitija National Park and tourism infrastructure development to improve the accessibility for visitors to Kirkilai karstic lakes at Biržai Regional Park. Most of the infrastructure development activities will be specifically constructed and adapted to allow the access to nature objects by people with disabilities.

Within the framework of competence raising and marketing meaures during the first project period it has been planned to commence the work on the development and organisation of the training for 25 environmental tour guides in Kurzeme region, organise an experience exchange visit to Lithuania for 25 tourism specialists of Kurzeme region and a study visit to Finland for 30 tourism specialists and project participants from Latvia and Lithuania, as well as hold a conference for 50 municipal and nature protected areas tourism specialists from Latvia and Lithuania, including tourism service providers, infrastructure developers, national level tourism organisations in order to launch discussions and pay attention to challenges of tourism sector to adapt toursim infrastructure and offers to people with disabilities.

During the 2 years of project implementation in Kurzeme and border regions of Lithuania with the assistance of the INTERREG Latvia-Lithuania Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 it is envisaged to build 6 walking trails equipped with different edutainment elements, 3 resting areas, 3 watching towers and 7 pontoon piers, develop more than 40 nature trail maps, an image guide for walking trails, as well as carry out other activities to improve the access to nature objects. It should be highlighted that a significant part of project activities is devoted towards adapting the infrastructure of nature objects and tourism products to people with disabilities.

Kick-off meeting presentations are available below:

Our project in short 
Competence raising and marketing activities in the project

Our project in short Competence raising and marketing activities

Infrastructure developmen activities of nature objects envisaged in the project
In Kurzeme:

Durbe country Roja county Saldus county Ventspils county Skrunda county Kuldiga county

In Lithuania:

Aukštaitija National Park Biržai Regional Park Kretinga Žemaitija National Park

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Information prepared by:
Alise Lūse
Project Manager
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